Monday, July 7, 2008

Biggest story ever! (46)

their line of Gonzo (that means alternative and on the fly) p.o.v. adult films called "Make it look like an accident" were brilliant in their simplicity. The camera man would follow a seemingly innocent and unaware woman around on her errands: bills. groceries. the wash. the cleaners. picking billy up from school. the post office. dropping billy off at soccer. the nail salon...
and when she least expected it. he'd yell "Oops!" and cum...AT her.\it was brilliant in it's simplicity. the media caught on and the film was played in the finest art houses. not since Deep Throat had a porno graphic film enjoyed such crossover success as art.
"Oops!" became a popular catchphrase and inside joke among the knowiratti (people in the know...)
it was brilliant.
The copycats began almost immediately. not in film, but in people being stalked all day, then cum upon.
it was a dirty year. a dirty, art house, cum covered year...


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