Thursday, August 30, 2007


The Hop-Headed Charlies took to the streets, all of their eyes wide, hazy and crazy. Their white tuxedoes were wrinkled, worn and dirty in spots.

The Nice Phils were all Filipinos, decked out in matching mustard yellow shirts with the words "I," a red heart and "Emma" embroidered on them. They truly did "heart" Emma, each and every one of them.

Out of an alleyway came the Balthazars, each one of their heads adorned with a red fez except for their leader, Bal-1, who wore blue. Their smoking jackets and ascots were very tidy, clean and pressed. They all smelled of Old Spice.

If you pulled any member from any of these gangs into a room, the first things out of their mouths would most likely be three of the following things:  

  1. They have an undying loyalty to their prospective gangs.
  2. They do not want this fight to happen.
  3. They truly do "heart" Emma. 

 Emma was the only reason this rivalry existed. She was the catalyst. And they would end up killing each other over who her heart truly belonged to.




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