Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Super dead (204)

we were fools.
we thought that when he died, it would all be over. but he wasn't just dead, he was super dead. he could come out of the ground any time he wanted. he floated around, sucking up the life force of anyone unlucky enough to come in contact with the tendrils that now flowed from his eye sockets. during the daytime, we fled from town to town trying to solve the mystery of the curse that had -oh, and answers to the mystery of the curse, the curse that had made him super dead. by night, we lay low, hoping that he wouldn't smell us and locate us and send those creepy super dead tendrils under a crack in the motel room door and get us.
we were helpless. he was killing us off at an alarming rate. bullets didn't help, nor did our allegience to satan which seemed, at this momnet, to be a bad idea and the cause of this mess. but we didn't want to go running back to God now. it would seem like we were just doing it because we needed something.
so we continued to run with no real protection, no one to worship, and a super dead janitor on our heels.
we should have never tried to cover up killing his daughter in that hit and run, and we should have never killed him when he discovered our murder and sought revenge.
man, we just fucked up all over the damn place.


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