Saturday, February 16, 2008

Caring, Listener, Dragon (187)

i had a dream where i met a girl and she liked me.
we spent a great deal of time talking about our lives and what we wanted to accomplish.
in the dream, you took a real interest in my hobbies, dreams, hopes, and goals.

i recognized the girl- i knew her, until i woke up.
the next day was torture as i went about my normal day hoping to run into her andd trigger the memory.
she never arrived.

later i started to think that maybe my mind had created this caring listener from traits that i had latently longed for in a women.

anything was possible, i guess.

the next night i dreamt about dragons.
they weren't huge fire breathing dragons. they were actually small children in nice cloth halloween like costumes. they actually looked more like pajamas than dragon costumes.

none of the children were black. this concerned me.


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