Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Man

So team, I brought you all here today to experience the joy that is
working for "The Man".

The Man has a bad rap. People say he keeps them down. I say, they
keep themselves down. The Man is here to help. The Man keeps you on
the right track. The Man keeps you from doing something stupid you
WILL regret in the morning.

You say The Man mucks up everything. I say, he is doing his best to
make it right. The Man fights for the little guy. The Man extends a
hand of friendship to those in need. The Man kisses babies. The Man
helps little old ladies across the street. The Man helps you build
your pinewood derby car. The Man talks to the cute girl in math class
for you. The Man makes the ladies feel alright.

I love The Man, and he loves me.


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