Wednesday, May 14, 2008


He hated breaking it off with her.  He’d never been the dumper.  The dumpee, sure, but never the dumper. 

It was raining that day.  And they were in his car.  No escape, even in the driver’s seat.  He hadn’t really planned it out either.  It wasn’t like there was any process behind it, but in retrospect he could’ve at least thought ahead.  Maybe it would’ve been easier at a bus stop or some busy street that he could run away from her on.  And the circumstance of not only breaking up with her, but also trying to get her out of the car and into the downpour just made him feel like more of a prick.

He was a prick.

Now when it rains on an afternoon and he spies a curly-headed brunette, he tries to imagine the various scenarios that would’ve made it easier. 



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