Monday, June 23, 2008


"stop running up and down those damn stairs!" she yelled, but her children didn't hear her.
their ears were full of the sound of running up and down those marvelous stairs. up and down, up and down.
two steps, three steps, sometimes four at a time.
she was worried that they would fall and hurt themselves, but they wouldn't.
not these kids. they had the stuff, the goods. it was as if they were born to run up and down stairs. it was as if God him self created these fantastic stairs, then lead theses kids to them to live out their days running up and down.
there was no stopping them this afternoon. they would run up, then just as soon as they hit the apex, they would descend just as fast to the foot of the stairs. it was like watching ballet. it was like a beautiful dance. up then down, again and again, in rapid succession. to the top then to the bottom, from the bottom then to the top.
it was a perpetual motion machine. a rollorcoaster. a lovely fountain. it was all these things and more, the vision of these kids. they never fell, though. never. they ran all day. and they never fell.
not today.


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