Friday, June 20, 2008


     There’s a reason why there’s not a show called Groomzillas.  You see, as brutal as guys can be, as big a dicks as they can be, they can never, ever be half as shitty as a woman who doesn’t get her way. 

     Okay, it’s the “woman’s day.”  I get it.  And exactly who the fuck started calling it that?  A fucking woman.  Understandable, I guess.  Guys have been the world’s puppet masters since God knows when.  We start the wars, we start slavery, we design the tampons.  Yes.  I get it. 

     So, for once, the guy doesn’t call the shots.  Great.  But to be a completely insane, nonsensical shrew because everything has to be done your way?  That I don’t get.  

     I’d take a barrage of slugs to my jaw over one word from you again.



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