Tuesday, June 17, 2008


T-Roy had been back on the streets for over two weeks, but he wasn’t the same as he’d been.  The F+ Crew saw this, but nobody ever brought it up or freely admitted it.  Not even Debs, the most cynical of the Crew.


Cheri’s tight, little poodle perm had grown out since T-Roy had gotten out of the hospital, which gave him doubt that she was the same as when he’d gone in.  But her smell was the same.  Down there.  It was like the scent of freshly cut grass.  She kept her garden trimmed and that’s the way T-Roy liked it.  It was within her soft, white thighs that he felt the most at home.  She welcomed him back.


The F+ was slowly getting back to normal.  But the Crew would never recover fully, and T-Roy wouldn’t be around much longer anyway.  He needed to make a dramatic exit.  And he knew that Cheri’s garden is the only thing that would be sorely missed. 



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