Sunday, June 15, 2008


 With my doctorate in zombie research science, I think my opinion is fairly valid.  Now, you can talk about your sub-categories of the zombie kingdom, but that doesn't mean I have to buy into any of it.  First of all, the very idea of a zombie mummy is not only redundant as Hell, but the fact that you call 'mumbies' is a true insult to Egyptians everywhere.  Zombies are mummies and mummies zombies, you see?  Albeit zombies that go through a different process of rebirth.  Sure, mummies are more likely to simply strangle you or tear your arms off.  They don't live on brains or anything, but we're speaking of the basic concept of the walking dead, so they are fundamentally the same, are they not?

And in regards to the gentleman's question about the army of Chinese zombies?  No.  I normally do not classify them in terms of region.  Therefore, I would not even consider calling them 'Chombies.'



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