Friday, June 13, 2008

Comlink issues

Sarah had just rescued Jason from the octopusmen when their crawler
stuttered. They were both tossed against their restraints when the
crawler in its attempt to regain its balance tripped and crashed into
a Giant Sequoia. Jason's head slumped forward, and he was unconscious.
The wounds on his arms were seeping blood from where the octopusmen's
suckered tentacles had latched on to him.
"Jason wake up! We have to get out of here."
"Huh?" was his only reply.
She took her knife out, and cut him free. He fell out of the tilting
crawler onto the forest floor. She took her Rimmer 610 out of its
holster at her side, and checked to make sure the six shot pistol
shotgun was loaded. It was. The pistol size made it easy to carry, and
the advantage of an extremely short barrel proved invaluable in close
quarters fighting. There wasn't a lot of close quarter fighting to be
had in these woods, but when the opponents have eight legs a wide
spread is nice.
"Roco, we need a lift." She called into the comlink. She only heard
static on the other end.


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