Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Jason grunted and kicked the access panel on his Trans Dimensional
Portal Instigator. His young frame couldn't do much, but as soon as
his foot left the panel he ran a hand lovingly across its surface.
"How are we suppose to get home now?" he asked his sister, Sarah.
Sarah, Jason's younger by approximately ten minutes, threw him a
wrench and replied, "You have to get the engine to turn over, and shut
up. I will do the calculations."
"You hate math," he shot toward her.
"Not as much as I hate being stuck on this Earth."
Jason crawled under the TDPI while Sarah pulled out a notebook and
pocket calculator. She was punching numbers furiously when he broke
the silence by asking, "What Earth are we on right now anyway?"
"Can't you be quiet for ten minutes? If I mess up we might windup on
an Earth where Hitler won, and everybody eats wiener snitchel instead
of hotdogs."
"Jeez, why don't you paint a picture of joy for me?"
"Sorry," She said as she put her head back down to work.
They both worked in silence for the next half hour. Jason slowly
poked his head out of the access panel and asked, "So, what Earth are
we on?"
"Ninety-seven percent probability we are on 2012GR87"
"Which is that?"
"According to the handbook, 2012GR87 has a branch of Greek Mythology
that is real."
"Cool," Jason said as he slid back into the TDPI.
"No, not cool. I am talking Hydras, Colossi, and other supposed
'mythological' beasts."
"Crap is right. Now hurry!"


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