Friday, June 13, 2008


This was the end of the show’s run for everyone except for Marv.  He felt so “in tune” with his ‘Salesman’ character in “The Bombardier Cried” that he decided to continue to play it every Thursday, Friday, Saturday night and two-show Sunday matinee, long after the set had been torn down and the theater was rented out to another theater company.  Surprisingly, the next show going up – a Restoration comedy called “The Academy of Cuckolds” – was very accommodating. 

Weird part was, Marv’s ‘Salesman’ character was about as thin a character as you’d imagine.  He didn’t even have a name and had more off-stage time than on.  But Marv had infused such passion, such life into it, he simply could not stop playing it.  And everyone knew it.

Certain parts of “That Academy of Cuckolds” made no sense when he entered, dressed in his 1980’s ‘Salesman’ garb.  Somehow it didn’t matter, though.  It also didn’t matter that his lines had nothing to do with whatever was being said onstage by the foppish wig-wearers in “Academy.”

“Audiences were ready,” he thought.



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