Wednesday, June 25, 2008


They’re wrong about time travel.  Nobody from the future travels backwards.  That would be too obvious.  Besides, do you really think they’ve come that far along in the future?  They never populated the moon and cancer’s still a bitch. 


It’s all about traveling forward.  But not too far forward.  Little jumps.  An hour, one month, a year.  Just to see if you can do it.


Traveling forward doesn’t screw up timelines.  Only a slight possibility of paradoxes.  No infinite recursion problem.  Not a trace unless you go backwards, which they can’t and won’t even try it they could.


Sadly, they’ll never believe this if they bother reading it.  They’re such self-important pricks in the future.  Everything’s about them. They could give a damn what their ancestors have to say.  They’d never believe that I was from so far back.  I’m practically a caveman to them.



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