Wednesday, June 4, 2008


God, that Roy Schneider was a hunk.  What a tanned, buff piece of ass he was.  He had that weird sexiness about him that couldn’t be beat.  The epitome of the 70’s man.  But not conventionally hot or anything.  That square jaw, though.  And that unchanging, ever stylish Caesar cut.  Before that look went out of fashion, then came racing back in again.  Nobody could touch Roy Schneider.  Absolutely poured into every suit he put on.

I don’t think Roy Schneider is who you’re thinking of.

Oh, I’m thinking of Roy Schneider alright.

No, I don’t think you are.  If you had such a boner for the guy, you’d know his last name wasn’t Schneider.  That was the janitor on “One Day At a Time.”

Oh, yeah.  Schneider was fucking hilarious!

You sure you’re not thinking of Steve McQueen?

Steve McQueen played Schneider?

No, no.  I think you’re confusing Roy Scheider with Steve McQueen.

Oh, snap!  Yeah!  Steve McQueen!  That’s right!  That’s who I was thinking of!

Right on.  Steve fucking McQueen.  Now, that was a fucking man!

Yeah.  Roy Schneider was a fucking pussy.  I don’t know what I was thinking.



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