Monday, July 21, 2008

Riot Act Prime (32)

Joe: Also known as brother subliminal. Special reaper on charge from the angel of death her cute little self, taskedto take out the right people, that is, those that refuse to come quietly. he also leads Riot Act.

Johnny Haunted House: The teams science officer and second in command. has the ability to produce fully realized haunted house from thin air, thouh he rarely does it anymore.

Hillary; Also known as Monster Girl. takes care of hitting the big things- mainly monsters. when she's not a sweet 14 year old girl, she is normally an 8 foot tall , green and scaly, creature bashing dynamo. there is evidence that she can grow larger, and possiby breath lazers.

Trent: Trentenkhamen is an adroid member of the team. he is the weapons steward. previously, he was part of a n android army waiting in an orbitting satelite to bring forth the reign of Cryothep, unfrozen mummy from the future. but that didn't work out- yet.

Ethan: Ethan is Joe's best friend, possibly the smartest member of the team, and an asian fighting Cock. he doesn't fight other chickens, but dogs and larger animals.


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