Saturday, July 19, 2008


Sikumi knew that $500 was a lot of money.  Even back then.  There were always rumors around the Kyoto streets that spun through the air on autumn breezes.  Sikumi had heard of the red van that housed the crew of the wildly successful ‘Sweet Dumplings Surprise Gang’ TV show.  They’d spot a willful, young girl on a corner or near a bus stop and drag her into the red van, practically out of her shoes, it was such a hurry.  The sexed-up, teasing antics that would go on inside the red van would make the girl not only $500 richer, but either shame her or propel her to the heights of stardom.  It all depended on what sometimes sick, sometimes pleasurable act she would have to perform in front of the red van’s inner camera.  And how the city of Kyoto voted on the next day, of course.  The acts she’d seen on ‘Sweet Dumplings’ at times shocked her mother into crying hysterics and caused her father to have to leave the room.  But Sikumi couldn’t take her eyes off the TV.


With her white, thigh-high stockings, her cute ponytails, her thick Manga boots, her Budaha facepaint and her Hodonai skirt on, they’ve got to take notice of her on Moriyama Street.  It’s such a nice day.  Where is that red van?



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