Wednesday, July 16, 2008


she was afraid to say anything to her father about what happened at dinner.
they just drove in slience, through the neighborhood.
it was quiet and dark. everyone was either in bed of preparing to be.
she still smelled like clam chowder.
he never looked at her, and she just stared from the window.
they didn't have far to go now...
she was nervous, her stomach rumbled. she knw that she should say something. she felt she had to patch things up.
if she didn't, they'd go to bed angry and this fight would hang over them for weeks.
this was what needed to happend- she neede to talk to him like an adult, and apologize. maybe then he'd apologize as well. he stared at the road ahead and continued silently. the road began to blur.
there was a rining i his ears. it got louder and louder...


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