Saturday, August 2, 2008


Maddy shot films.  Were they good films?  Who knows?  What is a ‘good film’ anyway?  It’s anybody’s guess.  It’s subjective, right?  It’s like asking, ‘What’s a good cat?’  Fundamentally, every cat is the same.  Most people would say that their cat ignores them.  But those same people would also say that their cat adds some greater element to their lives.  Like the cat enriches their lives, even though all it does is ignore them until it’s time to eat.  We’re getting a little off-topic, but you get the point.

Maddy’s films weren’t groundbreaking, but again, is that the sign of good cinema?  No.  Did they fulfill the obligations of having solid characters and a strong plot?  Well, no.  Were they ego-centric, laborious, unevenly paced, overbudgeted diatribes?  Okay, yes.

Maddy shot films.  And that’s all she ever did.  They could have either paid her more or paid her nothing.  I guarantee the results would have been the same.



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