Thursday, August 30, 2007

Backdraft (355)

The problem was, he just wasn’t from their world, and he had no desire to pretend to be.
What this turned into was a constant battle of wits. Unfortunately, they were not p to the challenge. Their usual strategy was to insult him and run away, or the ever popular “under-the-breath comment”.
Today was no different. He’d taken a small jab at one of their hairbrained observations, and expected them to react like normal people would; laugh along with the revelation that it was a bad idea. Instead, offense was taken.
They were in rare for today, trying their best to get a rise from him. But he wouldn’t play along, making them even angrier.
As the day wore down, he revealed the fact that he wouldn’t be attending a party that they were all going to.
“That’s your problem.” She quickly retorted, and left in a hurry.
He laughed at her for three days.



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