Monday, September 24, 2007

Everybody loves the fair

    Everybody loves the fair

    “I love the fair!”

    “Me too. Know what I love the most about the fair?”


    “The cotton candy,” Amy said as she and Karen walked onto the fair grounds.

    They had been so excited about going to the fair. Ever since they saw the flier for the fair a month ago they had been counting down the days until it opened.  They had talked about it everyday for the past month.
    As they walked in the gates, the girls looked around. They found the skeet shooter table and headed toward it. The neon lights reflected off their eyes, and made their skin joyful shades of pink, blue, and green. They saw some boys from school and waved. The boys turned back to their ring toss game. One of them is Josh.

    Karen turns to Amy and whispered, “You know Josh likes you.”

    “Really? How do you know?” Amy said as she cuts a look back toward the ring toss.

    “I heard it from Jenny who is dating Tyler who is”

    “Josh’s older brother!” Amy interrupted.  “Let’s go get some cotton candy and see if we can get him to notice me!”

    They both laughed as they walked toward the cotton candy booth.


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