Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dear Diary,

    I had a wonderful time today. I went to the park with my mom. I went to the fish pond and fed the fish. They had one of those machines that let you put a quarter in and you get these little pellets. Then you throw them in the pond. I made a trail from the ducks to the pond, but the fish wouldn’t come up and play with the ducks.
    That’s when I went I found Mr. Troll. He was hiding under the bridge near the fish food pellet machine. He said most people were afraid of him. I told him I wasn’t I had my unicorn with me and I had nothing to fear. He told me that he couldn’t see my unicorn. I told him he had to think of his happiest memory and say his name. I told him that my unicorn’s name was Herman. Mr. Troll said his happiest memory was of blowing bubbles with his brothers. So, Herman and I got Mr. Troll a bottle of bubbles from my mom. We played, blew bubbles, and sang Neil Diamond songs all afternoon. It was the best time ever!




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