Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kudzu and pansies

    The presidential press conference room is standing room only.  The President is set to make an historic announcement with NASA and another unidentified agency. An astronomer unaffiliated with NASA made a monumental discovery three months ago. He discovered an asteroid that is set to collide with earth in twenty-five years. It has been deemed an ELE (Extinction Level Event).
    A small nervous man comes out with the President, followed by several well know individuals from NASA. The NASA representatives address the press and state that they are doing every possible thing to come up with a way to divert the asteroid from impacting earth. The press clamors for attention, NASA waves them away. They address the little nervous man. He has come up with a way to transplant humans to another planet.
    He believes that he has a plan to jump start life on Mars from water trapped in the ice caps. A rocket with a new zero fallout nuclear missiles will be fired into the polar caps breaking out the trapped water. Shortly afterward, another missile filled with mutant strains of the most resilient plant life on earth would be sent to take advantage of newly freed water and upturned soil. The plants would then turn the carbon dioxide rich atmosphere into atmosphere breathable by humans.
    The press erupts into a cacophony of voices all crying the same question.
    The little man gives them two words, “Kudzu and pansies.”


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