Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Sheila could turn herself into a lamb. That’s all she could do. Cute, but still.

Clyde had the ability to shoot flowers out of his hands. Yes. Fucking flowers.

Tad’s was the most interesting power of the three. He could make people vomit with a thought. But not even the vomit you’d expect. That milky-white baby spit-up.

I took these kids in when nobody else wanted them. I gave them a place to stay where they felt accepted. I nurtured and honed their powers and, within a month, the lamb was able to leap 100 feet and bite a robot’s arm off with her teeth. I got Clyde interested in transcendental meditation and pretty soon he was summoning up man-eating plants the size of basketballs from a solar system no scientist had discovered yet. Tad made the most progress of the three. Once I’d given him a focus (specifically, the rage he had towards his parents), he could cause people to projectile vomit their small intestines, their stomachs, you name it.

These three kids were rejected by every superhero team in town. Crimefighting cabals that pushed them away, outright, with no offer of help or guidance. They said these kids were of no use with the powers they had. So, I took them. I’ll make those teams regret ever turning these little goldmines away.

Time to look for more Rejex.



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