Sunday, September 23, 2007

Scrappy The Ultra Puppy

            Scrappy, the ultra puppy, dove down the well. He called out to Jimmy, "Hold on Jimmy! I got you." Scrappy grabbed Jimmy by the collar of his shirt.

            "Thanks Scrappy! Mom would be so upset if we were late to dinner."

            Scrappy and Jimmy flew out of the well much like Superman returning a lost child to the ground. Jimmy straightened out his collar, and scratched Scrappy behind his left ear.

            "AHHHoww! That feels good, wait a minute! You can't get away with jumping down a well just by scratching my ears," Scrappy said, as he wagged his tail vigorously. "Why were you trying to get into the well?"

            Jimmy said, "The great apple crate mystery." The statement was meant to explain everything.  Scrappy tilted his head and stared at Jimmy.   "What? Come on, you can't tell me you forgot the great apple crate mystery."

            "No, I have not forgotten the great apple crate mystery. Let's walk back to the house I will fill you in on it." They turn and start to walk back across the field toward the house. "I've been doing a little research on my own. Your parents keep the idea of the great apple crate mystery alive just to keep you busy."

            "Why do they need to keep me busy? Between school, caring for the goats, and square dance lessons I am pretty swamped as it is."

            "What do you do with your spare time?"

            "I guess I work on the great apple crate mystery."

            "That's right! It's a red herring!"

            They made their way to the front porch of the house. Scrappy grabbed Jimmy's pant leg and asked, "Jimmy, listen to me it's a distraction. Slow down and open your eyes to other things. I am afraid your parents are working on a combination of cold fusion and robotic self awareness."

            "What's wrong with those things?"

            "Nothing, unless you are a…"

            Scrappy stopped as Jimmy's mom came out on to the porch and said, 'Boys, dinner is ready come on inside, and get cleaned up."

            Scrappy turned to Jimmy and said, "It's not important now. The only thing to do now is keep your eyes open."


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