Monday, October 29, 2007

Space is the place (295)

Everyone in the pant stared blankly at him. He was trying his best to keep his cool behind the Richard Nixon mask, but it was all falling apart. All because of a stupid slip he’d made- an ill advised attempt at comedy that was random, obscure, and just plain dumb. He’d only been in the bank four minutes, and already he’d undermined himself and confused all the people he was there to rob and kill.

His partners were stunned, but quickly tried to get things back on track by threatening to kill anyone that didn’t immediately drop to the floor. Regan mask even shot the old security guard in the leg to prove a point. It was futile. Slowly but surely, everyone started to laugh. The robbers fired into the air, but it did no good. Everyone in the bank was laughing. Realizing that this was a bust, Jimmy Carter mask shot Nixon and the robbers fled.

As he lay on the floor, bleeding from his side, Nixon wondered why he’d ever thought to yell “Give us all of your earth money.”

He wondered this for his 25 years in prison…


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