Saturday, October 27, 2007


The blue church bus hangs in mid-air, the front of its chassis pointing down at a 45 degree angle. By the time Tet-7 gets there to run a series of tests, a crowd has begun to gather. Tet-7’s chief sci-op, Cash Nolan, is the first to speculate.

"Mid-level tachyon field," he says. "Is everyone out of that thing?"

Maren Toddy, Tet-7’s resident weapons expert and only female team member, disperses the crowd.

"Yeah, it’s empty," she says, turning back to the on-lookers. "I know this sounds impossible, but there really is nothing to see here."

Field-op Shuck McKone begins a full sweep of the bus with a large metal wand that almost dwarfs him in size.

"What’re you picking up?" Cash asks.

"It’s weird. I’m not getting anything. It’s like there’s no field around it. No subatomic particles, no readings at all. The only thing this piece of crap is telling me is that it’s a bus."

"Really helpful, Shank," Toddy remarks.

"Hey, what do you want from me? I told you guys we couldn’t trust that Acres guy. He really dicked us with this junk."

"Toddy! Shank! Put the tech back in the truck. I’ve got an idea."

With that, Cash removes his gloves and walks up to the church bus and places his hands on the bumper that floats before him. His fingers tighten. He closes his eyes and begins to sweat as he furrows his brow. He suddenly falls to his knees. Shank and Toddy drop their gear and run over to him.

"Cash, what is it?" Toddy asks. "Are you okay?"

Cash shivers and puts his gloves back on at the front of the bus.

"It’s Goddamned magic," he groans.

"Shiva," Toddy says, knowingly.

"She’s back," mutters Cash," and I think she found her twin brother."

At that moment, every car on the block breaks loose from the pavement and floats up, tilting downward at the same 45 degree angle as the church bus.

Shank races towards the Tet-7 truck, which is the last of the vehicles to start hovering. He stops as he realizes he can’t make it in time.

"Shit just got random," he says. 



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