Thursday, October 25, 2007


     BioMecha, he called it. Fusing genetic material into machines. Its origins must’ve been honorable, I’m sure. Infect a robot with an incurable disease. You fail, you lose a robot. No human lives lost, no animal testing. You succeed, Nobel Peace Prize, billions cured. Quite an accomplishment, some would say. Not me, though. The only thing this guy accomplished was bilking the government out of $70 million for research and development. He lived on the fringes of the supervillain community for more than 20 years and suddenly he’s fucking Madame Curie? I didn’t buy it. The government did though. They ate that shit up like ramen. Boy, were their faces red when they realized their 70 mill went to a guy who set 1,000 diseased robots loose on the American population.
     That’s some serious egg on your face there.
     Here’s a joke for you:
     What’s worse than a cold, heartless robot? A cold, heartless robot with the will to live.
     Yeah, I won’t be doing stand-up anytime soon. I’ll be too busy killing robots that beg you not to shoot them in the face and manage to gurgle out a scream when you do. Then, when they’re all gone, I’m gunning for their Maker, Nobel Prize or not.



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