Sunday, October 21, 2007


The time machine looked nothing like you’d expect, if your expectations were determined by what you’d seen in movies. It wasn’t a car or a chair or some sort of chamber that you walked into then emerged amongst the dinosaurs.
The machine was, in fact, the most difficult machine ever created- a human being.
Joe had realized that the only way to traverse the 6th dimension was to somehow do it through the memories of others, then to materialize in the realm that had been created in the mind. This meant that some details were off. Time travel was, it turned out, determined through the minds eye of the beholder.
Joe traveled to the early eighties by asking someone to try and remember their 5th birthday party, then leaping through the portal that it created. This was not as easy as it sounds. Once there, Joe realized that he could only go to places that the person remembered going that day. Once the memories ended, Joe was flung back to the present.
He went to the 1940’s through the mind of a WWII veteran. He was almost shot by a Nazi storm trooper!
This was how Joe traveled through time. Soon he’d discover that there were more convenient ways, though they were so much more dangerous.
This was year five of his lost time- his self imposed exile.


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