Friday, October 19, 2007


“You know what makes you great, Joe?” Hillary said, wiping the things blood from her hands and onto her shirt.
“You let me have fun. It doesn’t feel like a job when you’re in charge.”
Joe watched as the six foot five Amazon of a woman transformed back into the 14 year old girl that she was most of the time.
“Well, not all jobs are fun, but you should always have fun doing them.” Joe said, and sat on the curb next to her. Across the street, Trent was zapping the remains of the last few tear-jerkers that flinched and groaned from Hillary’s work.  It was his turn to clean up the mess that they left, but he didn’t mind the work. Since Riot Act had been reinstated, there were strict rules that they had to at least attempt to abide by. The main ones being try and keep the collateral damage to a minimum, and the second- clean up after yourselves.
Joe looked up just in time to see Johnny yelling after Trent-
“Save one of their heads so I can study it!”
Joe shook his head and had a cigarette.
“We’re a superhero team that has to clean up its own messes.” He said, and looked at Hillary who was looking down and studying the mess on her Keds.
“Well, at least they don’t make us wear costumes anymore.” She said.
“Good point.” Joe answered.
Trent took the last remaining head from the tear-jerker battle and tossed it in a Rubbermaid container.
“I’m hungry.” Johnny said, and looked over for Joe’s approval.
“Yeah.” Joe said, nodding.” Let’s eat. Dinners on the government.’
 “God bless the U.S.A.” Trent said, not having a full understanding of the concept of God, but knowing that the phrase was a good thing.


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