Saturday, October 20, 2007


"The deal looks like it’s going down in the courtyard. Everybody stay frosty. I don’t want anybody going in until I give the signal."

"What are we waiting for? We should grab him now!!"

"Hold your positions, I said! That’s an order!!"

"An order?!!? Fuck you! You’re not team leader, Midas. I’ve been in the Committee since I was 12. I got seniority. I’m pinchin’ this lousy fuck!!"

"Razor? Razor, come in! Shit, there he goes."

"Midas, what do we do? Razor’s screwing this up!"

"Chill out, Daedelus. Let’s see what he does."

"Listen, Midas. We don’t even know if Dr. Brainstorm has the stuff. If Red Razor nabs this guy, it could be for nothing."

"Well, I don’t know if it’d be for nothing. He’s got a sheet as long as my leg. But I want to catch him on that anti-matter rap. That’s why we’re here, for God’s sake."

"What’s Razor doing now?"

"Maiden, you see him from your side?"

"Affirmative. Razor’s hanging out on a fire escape about two stories above Brainstorm. Wait! Oh, shit!"


"Silver Maiden, come in. What is it?"

"Brainstorm’s got the anti-matter. He’s opening the box!"

"Jesus! All units move now! Maiden, hold back in case we need back-up!"

"It’s like some kind of black flower, but it’s glowing."

"What’s that, Maiden? I didn’t get that!"

"It’s so beautiful. So bright, but not hard to look into."

"Shit! Maiden, enough of the play-by-play! We’re going to need you down here after all!"

"Midas, wait!! Don’t touch Brainstorm! It’s a tra-"




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