Saturday, October 20, 2007

We share our mother’s health

    I walk out of the building into the blinding light of our mid-day sun. Like the white hot fingers of a migraine, the sun’s light is so bright I squint until I put on sunglasses. Even then, the light penetrates the dark lenses of my glasses.
    I watch as the sun arcs across the sky. It rose two hours ago, and it will set in another two. It is amazing that the day has been reduced to four hour spans. Our increased rotation has caused the plant life on the planet to grow exponentially, while at the same time wreaking havoc on animal life. Mainly it’s sleep cycles that are off, but scientists say that gravity is changing. There is something like a tenth of a percentage in negative change over the past ten years. Not a whole lot you say? Guess again. Birds are already flying higher than they use to. When they fly to high they pass out from the lack of oxygen. Some regain consciousness before they hit the ground, or run into something. Most don’t.
    What will happen when it accelerates enough for people to jump and leave the surface of the earth? Yeah it will be like flying. Real cool. That is until you fly out into space. I guess that’s why the plants are thriving. They are getting a good grip on the earth so they won’t be thrown off.
    Think about that!


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