Wednesday, October 24, 2007


How many we got in the house tonight?

Um, seven.

Seven reservations?!!?

No, seven walk-ups. No reservations at all.

Shit. What about tomorrow?

No reservations tomorrow night or Sunday.

Goddammit! What do we have to do to get butts in the seats?

Produce a show that doesn’t involve a guy taking it in the ass for two hours, maybe?

C’mon, there’s more to "Chocolate Factory" than that!

I was talking about you.

It’s symbolic, Carrie! Obviously you don’t get symbolism.

Symbolic or not, you’re literally have a guy getting ramrodded for most of the show. I have gay friends that won’t even come to see that.

It’s an homage.

Just because the guy getting boo-fooed is dressed like Willie Wonka doesn’t make it an homage.

It is when the guys screwing his ass are dressed like Oompa-Loopahs.

Are Chuck and Kevin dressing like Oompah-Loompahs tonight?

Okay, remind me to tell them about that before you call ‘places.’

In front of seven whole people? Quite a risk you’re taking there.

Theater is risk, Carrie.

As one of your investors, I’d have to agree.



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