Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The 2008 Home Electronics and Plumbing Expo

    It is the 2008 Home Electronics and Plumbing Expo, and the crowd is awash in excitement. Krugaur was a giant in the plumbing business before the fall of the Iron Curtain. They haven’t had a product on the open market since the early 90s. It was a self cleaning toilet that used -1.2 Litres.  No, I know what you are thinking, but it didn’t work on cold fusion. That’s what they lead the rest of the world to think, but during a NBC Crack The Technology special it was proved that it recycled water from the showers and sinks. It was quite a crafty trick. The fraud backlash caused several major chains to with draw support and orders. I say if they put it out today they would rake in bookoo bucks due to all the wacky tree huggers.
    After that embarrassment, they with drew from the public eye. Some say they laundered money and technology through LG. How in the world do you think a brand like that appears over night? I knew you would see it my way. So they have been using the LG moniker to try new technology and funnel money back into their labs for further research.
    I have heard a few rumors floating around this weekend. First, they are rolling out all new product lines with the Krugaur name attached. I am almost positive they are doing that. Why else would there be all this Krugaur SWAG? Second and third are both toss ups you be the judge.
    Hear me out. Self-wiping toilet paper. I know it’s a step out side of their box, but think about it. This would be a prime product for nursing homes and fat camps. Well, what if you come home drunk and nobody is there to wipe your mouth? Krugaur paper to the rescue! The other is this toilet based on the negative flush model from the early 90s, with a twist. It would be equipped with USB ports, a nine-inch LCD display, and a port for your Ipod. Yes everything should have an Ipod port. The suits think it helps sell stuff. They are going to call it the DD2100. Get it, Doodie Data. You’re right it might be a crappy idea! HAHA! Ok Well, I will catch you later. I have to go meet a few more vendors. Let me know how it all comes out! BAHHAHAHA!


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