Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I was on set with Ava when I met Minka. She was a 37 year old half Vietnamese, half French woman who could just barely speak English. Her build was fairly slim, slim but for her 56 kkk breasts. She had had the now illeagal “string” implants. These implants kept growing as they took on liquid from the body. They were freakishly large, very dangerous, and almost comical. But I couldn’t look away. As Ava performed on this odd freak of a woman, I found myself entranced by her. All that she could manage to say with out sounding silly was “ohh yes” and “More, more.” She had to hold her large breasts up when she was on her back, and when she switched to her knees, she looked as if she were trying to carry two turkeys.
Minka was indeed a sight to behold. I did not find her attractive in the least, but someone did- there was someone for everyone I guess.
That night when I made love to Ava, I couldn’t finish until I thought of Minka and her grotesque breast.
“More, More.”


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