Thursday, October 25, 2007

The studio lights are bright

The studio lights are bright, almost blinding. Mario squints in to the black trying to make out the camera lens. He attempts to bring his hand up to shade his eyes, but the shackles prevent him from doing so.
“Mr. Mario please don’t struggle with your restraints the show will begin shortly,” a voice from the dark said.
“Why am I here?” He asks.
“Did you have another black out?”
Mario starts to mouth something, but the voice silences him.
“The people want to know why before you are sent to the chair.”
“Why what?”
“Why did you kill all those people on your way to Bowzer?”
A different voice called out, “We are live in five, four, three … …”
“Mr. Mario,” said the first voice, but in a deeper voice, “why did you kill all those individuals on your way to Bowzer?”
“I didn’t kill any one.”
“Then what do you say to all these koopa kids who don’t have parents any more? Or, these goomba widows that are all due to your negligence. We went after this ‘princess’ who was nother more than an abused crack whore. She left you because you beat her. Bowzer the true king of the Mushroom Kingdom.”
“I didn’t…”
“Mr. Mario you are a pusher, and a user. You weren’t saving her you were endangering everyone you came in contact. Seriously, mushrooms that make you super? Come on, stars that make you invincible? Mr. Mario you were high the whole time.”


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