Thursday, November 22, 2007

Future Crimelord (272)

with his long blonde dreds and his mouth full of Titanium and diamond teeth, Future Crimelord was one of the key suspects in the death of hip-hop. his main thing was to do songs about all the crimes he'd commited- in the future. as for now, well, he was innocent. he wasn't yet Future Crimelord. an example lyric "I rob the president, but not yet though- Future Crimelord, Gettin' future dough!"
mainly, his songs didn't add up to be anything more than ringtone fodder, but at the time that was what was popular. the general public had given up on any sort of music that showed ant complexity or heart. so future crimelord's single "Imo get them(nasty jailbait drawls)" went platinum in two days. it was downloaded onto 17,000 cell phones within two hours of it's release. i may not know the future the way Future Crimelord dose, but i'm sure the song will also be responsible for the creation of skynet.


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