Wednesday, November 21, 2007


     Russ fell in love with her before he’d even seen her face. It was covered in blood, fake blood as far as he knew. She didn’t seem to be woozy or need immediate medical attention. Plus, her white and black make-up gave the appearance of a human skull. At least he hoped it was make-up. If it was, it was incredibly realistic and if it wasn’t, she was beyond needing medical attention. The skin-tight bridal gown she wore left nothing to the imagination. She was gaunt and bony, not the kind of girl he fell for normally. He liked them thick. But his eyes had scanned the room earlier and all the thick girls had more cleavage than he was used to. Besides, most of them were too loud or drunk and this was before he’d seen "the Bride." At least her outfit gave the term "nothing left to the imagination" different meaning.
     He had read somewhere that if a woman across a crowded room met your glance three times, it meant that she was interested in you. The next step in the book detailed how to make the first move, but he hadn’t read that far.
     By the end of the night, the only people left were several guys dressed as Ghostbusters, a bevy of thick girls sitting together, the Bride and him. It was getting scarce and the time for action was quickly retreating. He and the Bride had exchanged smiling glances more than a dozen times, but it didn’t make his job any easier.
     People started to get their coats and say their good-byes, until it was only one thick girl watching TV, while he and the Bride stood in opposite sides of the room. As the Bride went for her coat, he started to walk over to her, wishing the entire time he hadn’t dressed up as a giant dick and balls.



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