Saturday, November 17, 2007


it was a slippery situation. i could lie and tell her that i thought that she was a great person, and that we sholud be friends or i could reveal to her that outside of the fact that i thought we might do it, i had no real intrest in her as a friend. honestly, she was shrill and not pleasent to be around- but man was she hot. i imagined what we'd do together in the sack. it was long, hard, hot and nasty. ultimately, though, i'd talk to her and immediately lose the desire to be with her. eventually it didn't matter- she called me her buddy and started to tell me about all the other guys she was with. i couldn't let her get away with this. i did not enter into this to make a buddy. i knew what i had to do- on a beautifully warm night, i invited her out to a late dinner picnic under the stars. i showed her the ring and asked her to marry me. she said yes. that'll show her! I won! i'm not her friend, i'm her fiance! I win! wait-


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