Friday, November 16, 2007

Our Junk (278)

i should have known she was trouble becasue of the movie game.
she was sexy to me even though the boys told me she was playin' me. she was smart, sassy, big breasted, jewish, bitchy, and tall. i wanted her. against my better judgement, i made the mistake of telling her this. we went to see Reindeer Games with a mutual friend, and decided to play the movie game while we ate at Chili's.
the goal was to say a line from a popular or cult flick and have the next person guess it. i should have know that she was trouble when her lines were from The Gargabe Pail Kids Movie and The Pelican Brief. in hindsight, she was just plain not fun to be around. the things our junk makes us do, huh fellas?


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