Saturday, November 17, 2007

never trust a boy detective

Johnny kept his ear to the ground. He thought he heard the approach of horses on the wind, but it must have been an acoustic trick of these canyons. As he rose to his feet, he turned to Snooze and said, “ I guess we followed them up the wrong canyon.”
Snooze was Johnny’s trusted bodyguard. He has saved his life at the hand of the O’Malleys in Scotland. Snooze couldn’t remember anything and pledged he would protect Johnny at all costs. He hadn’t been much help. True to his name he would fall asleep at the drop of a hat, but he was a big guy and Johnny having the stature of a nine year old needed all the help he could get.
Johnny England a.k.a. Boy Detective had a genetic flaw that caused him to not age past his ninth birthday. His parents had been great explorers and found the fountain of youth. He drank deeply and lived happily for several centuries until they had a son. He began to age as normal children, and they were worried that he would grow old while they lived forever. They planned to give him water from the fountain of youth when he turned twenty-one. However after the age of nine, Johnny stopped aging physically. The fountain of youth was pasted on genetically. After much debate and looking, Johnny found a girl and married. They have three children, who all seem to be aging normally, however this is all for another tale.
Johnny and Snooze rode to the head of the canyon, and were surrounded by at least fifty men.
One stepped forward and asked, “Johnny, we know you have the micro chip. Where is it?”
“Well I guess you could say I am a micro chip off the old block!” Johnny replied as he pulled a detonator out of his side bag. “I know you aren’t stupid. Let us go and you will have the microchip.”
“How do we know you will deliver?” the first man asked.
“Gotta trust me. Oh yeah, if you try and stop me I have already activated the detonator. All I have to do is drop this.” Johnny said as he held the small black box high in the air. “Here take this,” he threw a different box at the first man.
“What’s this?”
“A GPS tracker with your microchip’s location programmed into it. Let us go and follow that beacon. You will have your chip in no time.”
The two groups split and went in opposite directions. After a half hour of riding in silence, Snooze asked, “ Did you really give them the microchip?”
Johnny looked at his watch and said, “Nope. Look over there.” He pointed to the south as a large flash washed across the mountain range. As the light died away, they turned and continued to ride north.


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