Friday, December 21, 2007

Santa and his elfin legion of doom

The so-called “Jolly Old Elf” stands on the catwalk above the factory floor looking down at his elfin drones. They move not in what could be considered slow steps. No, they are calculated, precise movement. No energy is wasted. They know the task at hand. Christmas is coming, and this year will be different. Everyone at the North Pole knows it will be different.
Children don’t believe like they use to believe. He will make them believe this year. Every child wants a Wii. Every adult wants a Wii. The whole world, it seems, wants a Wii. Santa will spare no one. Everyone will have a Wii. Santa has even had his elf coders working on a special game to be included with the “Santa Special Edition Wii”. It is called Santa and His Elfin Legion of Doom.
The Game while looking like a simple game of Santa gathering his Legions of Elves and making toys in time for Christmas has a different under current. While children and adults swing and chop at the game, the Wii accesses the Internet, and using reverse Infinite Monkey theory to the beat of the Wiimote, calculates the world’s bank account information and passwords. Santa grins as he thinks about it. the world will have to believe once he controls the economy of the entire world.


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