Sunday, February 17, 2008


So, there’s just this one house out here . . . where are we?  What did you call this place?


“No Man’s Court.”


Like “no man’s land?”


Like what?


“No man’s land.”  You know?  That expression?


Yeah, never heard that one.  This is called “No Man’s Court,” so . . .




So, there’s no correlation, is what I mean.


Seems like the exact as “no man’s land” out here.  This is the only house as far as the eye can see.


Yours, maybe.  There’s a wonderful duplex in the distance there.  Just sold it to a nice Native American family.


That’s . . . . that’s a plateau.


Well, it's located on Plateau Avenue, if that's what you mean.

That’s not what I mean.  That’s a plateau.  It’s just a big slab of oversized rock.


Call it what you want, Professor Genius, but the Silverheels seem to like it.


“Silverheels?!?!”  Like Jay Silverheels, the guy who used to play Tonto.


I don’t really follow basketball, so I wouldn’t really know what you’re talking about.


So, the Silverheels live on this plateau.  A plateau – a natural land mass – that you’re charging them for.  That’s sad.


Hey!  Plateau Avenue is an up-and-coming community.  Worth every penny.


So, if I move in here . . . in, uh . . .


No Man’s Court.


Yeah.  If I moved in here, what would be the point?  There’s nothing around for miles.

Well, there are the Silverheels.


Okay, the Silverheels and . .


Look, I have to admit that this isn’t the ideal place to live.  In fact, I’ve got a better place for you that just opened up.  Come with me.


Where are you going?


Just follow me.  Alright.  See this?


Looks like a giant sinkhole.


Now the house is looking better and better, isn’t it?




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