Sunday, March 16, 2008

Based on actual events (158)

oh man! that's Richard Kiel!


Yeah! I'm gonna go over...

hi. I'm with a local news show, and I wonder if i could ask you a few questions for the show?

When would this air?

Monday morning. it's a wrap up of the comic convention.

nah. that doesn't do me any good.

really? but your fans would really like to see it...

I'm sorry, but this business is give and take.

Okay. well- could you say "you're watching sports with Brad Gardner"? that would air tonight.

okay. good.

Whenever you're ready.

"Hi. I'm jaws from the bond films. You're watching with Frank Grainger."


"Hi, I'm jaws from the bond films. You're watching Bran Grainger."

Thanks so much.


How did it go?

he sort of smelled...


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