Thursday, March 20, 2008

The last Unicorn

The last unicorn was a majestic creature. Natural beauty that could
dry a baby's tears, and fix world hunger. Not many people have seen a
unicorn. Even fewer people have seen a unicorn under the light of the
moon. What most people do not realize is that when a unicorn passes
through a moonbeam it is revealed it's true form. A creature of black
shadows and sinew, smoke billows from his nostrils and tar drips from
his lips. His lone horn, that not a moment before was a shining
pillar, is now an obsidian shard engulfed in a ghostly flame. The
black pits that use to be eyes can suck the very soul from small
children and the elderly. This all passed just as quickly as it
started. He is now the beautiful creature everyone believes him to be.
In the distance, a baby cries out. He lifts his head, slinging saliva
from his mouth, and disappears into the night.


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