Monday, March 17, 2008

test that ass (157)

by the time he realized that he'd missed a question on the test it was too late. he'd gotten all of the last 200 questions wrong because he'd skipped a spot by mistake. he thought to himself that at least some of them would have to be right by coincidence, but it didn't matter. it was too late to go back. he;d done all of the studying for nothing. he'd even celebrated to himself a bit when he realized that the test was so much easier than he'd thought it would be. he thought of how the people that grade these things would see his test and wonder at the fact that he'd gotten so many of the questions right. when they would approach him about it, he'd tell them that he didn't even try. perhaps one of the graders would be a sexy older woman that would want him based on his smarts. perhaps they'd do it in the butt. he'd always been intrigued by doing it in the butt since he'd read an interview in an old hustler from an old porn star named Sunny Larue. according to the article, taking it in her "hinder' was the only way that she could come. he read this article repeatedly and looked at the four fade pictures of Sunny for months- since he'd found the old hustler in his uncles basement room. he thought of how he'd be the only guy that really knew how to make all the girls at college come- in the butt. but he wouldn't be going to college now. he'd fucked up the entire test. he thought about pulling the fire alarm. he thought about crying. he thought about putting the #2pencil in his own throat. there were no options. this one little mistake would haunt him for the rest of his life- or at least until he realized that guys that get high test scores almost never get ass sex...


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