Sunday, March 16, 2008

Danger Ranger

Danger Ranger Rodger Raider swooped through the black inky cold of
deep space looking for wrong doers, hobos, and ner'do wells. His
section of the sky was rather quite tonight. It had been quiet for
months, that is until the ner'do wells showed up. Wrong doers and
hobos are threatening in their own way, but a ner'do well can kill a
man. Rodger Raider being a brave and not stupid man kept to himself.
He ate his lunch on the far side of an asteroid to avoid detection.
What he did not realize was that when he lifted off from the asteroid
it caused it to alter its trajectory. In one hundred and fifty years,
it will strike the earth killing every living soul on the planet.

Too bad Raider was a chicken to do his job properly.


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