Tuesday, March 18, 2008

based on actual events VI (156)

So, let me get this straight; based solely on the fact that this guy told you a breif synopsis of a film idea you had, you bought two tickets to L.A. to have him talk to some gay guy you knew that may or may not have had money to finance the film, then you were surprised when it turned out that the guy had never written the script!?


Wait- so, at NO POINT during this process did it ever seem like a good idea to see something in writing!?

I guess not.

wait, this is- i'm-
So, all he had to do was tell you an idea, and you got so goddamned excited that you started buying plane tickets, and you didn't even think to address the script until you were sitting in front of your supposed contact- right?

i guess i learned a lesson.

You are...slow.


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