Sunday, April 20, 2008


max lanolin. the name sounded fake, but it was his. the son of Dr. and Mrs. Peter and Shelby lanolin.
tonight he would be electrocuted for murders he didn't commit. he was afraid, and it showed. he held out hope for a reprieve, but he couldn't stop crying. tonight, his life would be taken from him.
he would see his parents in heaven.
the true murderer would come to the execution and watch it. there was no joy in this. he was actually sorry for max. they had never met. not truly or by coincidence. but the stars had aligned in a way to make Max the fall taker for this one, and the murderer, while not happy about this, was happy that he hadn't been caught.
he would wait two years until things had died down, then begin to kill again. the papers would call it copycat, but the cops would realize too late that they had electrocuted the wrong man.
they would never catch the murderer


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