Thursday, April 24, 2008

Are you in bed yet?

"Dad can I have a bed time story?"

"Sure, what do you want it to be about?"

"A beautiful princess and her prince!"

"AAARRRGGGG!!! Wrong. We are all out of sweet stories. Tonight we have
the adventures of Anthony the littlest Zombie! He ate the flesh of the
last unicorn, and learned to fly."

The little girl starts to sniff, and dad asks, "Why are you crying?
This is a happy story."

"No, the little unicorn was eaten!"

"The unicorn was fat and weak. The end."

"What happened to Anthony?"

"Oh, after he learned to fly he ate all the children's brains who
weren't in bed on time. Good night love." He kissed her forehead, and
left the room. She pulled her covers up to her eyes. As she looked at
the clock, she started to cry again. It was almost nine.


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